Our Staff

Our Trustees and staff would like to extend a warm welcome to all those visiting CRCB.

Tricia Griffiths - Trustee Manager

Photo of Tricia Griffiths

Tricia founded Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, alongside Rosie Brady, in 2010. Tricia has worked with people with visual impairments since 1996, while she was secretary for the Vista Tandem Group. Her role at CRCB includes managing the business side of the charity, looking after staff and running services provided by CRCB.

Rosie Brady - Trustee Manager

Photo of Rosie Brady

Rosie founded Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind, alongside Tricia Griffiths, in 2010. Rosie is Chair of Trustees and is herself visually impaired; her journey at CRCB began when she joined computer sessions at the previous charity located on the premises. Rosie is the point of contact for volunteers, leading interviews and volunteer training. She also provides continuous support for volunteers, service-users and members of staff.

Hugh Sorrill - General Manager

Photo of Hugh

Hugh Sorrill was appointed Trustee in 2011 and General Manager in 2016. Hugh has worked closely with Tricia and Rosie since 2014 to develop CRCB's services. He provides support to service-users, volunteers and staff, develops and manages new projects and is responsible for marketing. Contact Hugh for information on any aspect of CRCB's services.

Denise Riley - Administrator

photo of Denise

Denise worked on the premises of the previous charity, Coventry Society for the Blind, from 1991, and began working for CRCB when we took over in 2010. She manages the accounts, takes care of administrative tasks and organises room hire for fundraising events.

Heather Cooper - Receptionist

Photo of Heather Cooper

Heather joined CRCB as our Receptionist in 2010. She is the first point of contact for service-users, volunteers and visitors. Heather provides a warm welcome, answers general enquiries and makes the service-users' experience at CRCB as easy, comfortable and friendly as possible. Heather is also responsible for demonstrating and processing orders for Low Vision Aids and taking bookings for the minibus.

Debbie Hewitt - Transport Coordinator

Debbie Hewitt

Debbie is the newest member of our team, having joined CRCB in March 2017. Debbie is responsible for planning the routes for two minibuses and producing a schedule for our service users, who use the minibus service. If you have any queries with regards to the minibus service, speak to Debbie.

Our Trustees

Rosie Brady

Tricia Griffiths

Pat Proom

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