A Successful Second Craft Fair

On Saturday 4th March we held our second Craft Fair at CRCB.

From as soon as we opened our doors, right until we closed, friends of CRCB, volunteers and neighbours were calling by to see the stalls, have a go on the raffle, and stop for a bite to eat.

There was a fabulous range of stalls selling upcycled goods, hand-sewn aprons and bags, jewellery, books, creams and our very own Craft Group were selling their wonderful handmade gifts.

We are delighted to announce that in total we managed to raise a fantastic £315. CRCB's Craft Group raised an impressive £150. We are grateful for the hard work that the Craft Group volunteers put into our events, and the effort made by the entire Craft Group throughout the year.

Here are some highlights of the Craft Fair:

Craft Fair room

Stall with children's aprons, bags and pillow covers

Decorated glass bottles with fairy lights and quotes

colourful children's book stall

CRCB's Craft Group's stall had a variety of hand made goods.

Craft Group's stall

Train made from buttons in a frame

And finally, cooks of the hour, working hard behind the scenes to fuel the Craft Fair shoppers and stall owners with bacon batches, CRCB staff Rosie Brady and Denise Riley.

Rosie and Denise taking a break from cooking in the kitchen

We would like to thank everyone who attended and made our Craft Fair a success!

We look forward to seeing you at our next community event.