This November: T'ai Chi & Braille at CRCB

Are you interested in joining T'ai Chi classes or Braille classes?

We are very enthusiatic about introducing new programmes at CRCB, especially ones suggested by our service-users. During our last consultation, many of you suggested learning Braille as an important life skill and many people also said that they would enjoy a light form of exercise.

On 18th November two new classes will begin at CRCB: T'ai Chi and Braille. We look forward to welcoming new session leaders to the Resource Centre to provide our service-users with useful, enjoyable life skills.

T'ai Chi is a soft, relaxing form of exercise which aims to improve balance and spatial awareness. If you are visually impaired and interested in joining our T'ai Chi class, please speak to General Manager Hugh Sorrill at the Resource Centre.

If you are interested in learning Braille, please also speak to Hugh Sorrill.

We look forward to providing our service-users with two new, exciting programmes.

More information to follow shortly.