CRCB Launches Minibus Appeal

CRCB needs your support to keep minibus service on the road

Sight loss can affect anyone at any time of life. CRCB's mission is to help people adjust to their sight loss, to live as fully and as independently as possible, and to reduce social isolation.


We achieve this by offering a wide range of volunteer-supported skills-based and social activities – from adapted computing, smart devices, braille and cookery classes to friendship groups, craft, music and allotment clubs, among others. We also offer T’ai Chi, walks and outings, as well as access to and advice on products and technology that can help people in their daily lives.


Transport is particularly difficult for people with visual impairments, so for the last 18 months, CRCB has provided a minibus service, initially just one bus but since last July a second. It has become an essential part of the support we offer, helping people from all over the city to reach the centre and take part in the life-enhancing – often life-changing – activities, and as a result the number of people we are helping has risen significantly, by more than 40%.


One of our service users describes the minibus service as "a real godsend" and another says "I don't know where I would be without it". It is a life line for people who struggle with mobility.


The service is largely funded by the affordable fares paid by users – £2.50 per journey: the charity does not, and has never intended it to make a profit. But the delicate balance of fare income vs costs has been affected by rising prices in insurance and fuel, so we are looking for financial support to help it survive without having to impose an increase in fares; we understand that many of our service users do not have much disposable income. Instead, we are looking to find people, companies and organisations who can support the service.

​We are asking anyone who is able to help to contact CRCB. You can donate directly to CRCB by clicking the donate button on our homepage or cheques can be made payable to Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind. To discuss sponsorship options, please contact General Manager Hugh Sorrill.


​CRCB's minibus service runs on a daily basis and it would be a great loss to our service users if that were to change. We hope with the support of our local community, we can secure the longevity of CRCB's minibus service.