CRCB and Coronavirus

I would like to clarify how the centre will respond to the the current public health situation. 

For the moment, CRCB's groups will remain open: we are very conscious that the services we offer are a vital lifeline to the people who use them. 

However there are some people who are particularly vulnerable who may decide that the risk of attending is too great. We understand: all we ask is that you let us know, certainly if you use the bus.

We are asking anyone who feels unwell not to come in, especially if you show signs of Covid-19 - a new, persistent cough and a fever. That is in line with current official advice.

In any case, we are urging people to wash their hands thoroughly and regularly while here at the centre and use the hand gel provided.

We expect there will come a point when we do have to close the groups but that time is not yet. We will let you know at the earliest possible opportunity.  

Even if the groups do have to close, we hope to keep the centre open for telephone support with a skeleton staff, but that remains to be decided. 

So the bullet points are: 

  • You decide if you want to come in. If not, let us know, especially if you use the bus.
  • If you come in, please take the recommended hygiene precautions.
  • We will let you know if the groups have to close.

In the meantime, stay safe and well. Thank you.

Hugh Sorrill - General Manager