Coventry Male Voice Choir Spring Concert

A successful fundraiser full of music from talented, local singers and musicians

On Saturday 18th May, Coventry Male Voice Choir hosted a Spring Concert at St Barbara's Church, Earlsdon, in aid of Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind. 

Coventry Male Voice Choir sang a beautiful repertoire on the alter of the church accompanied by fabulous pianist, James Millar, and conducted by excellent Musical Director, Sally Aitchison.

Refreshments were provided by CRCB. Rosie Brady and Elaine Parnell served tea, coffee and biscuits to around 50 people, who attended the event. 

Recently formed band, Toad &The Holes, whose members are partially sighted and blind volunteers of CRCB, performed a fun set of contemporary songs. Chris Norman was on guitar, Matthew Horspool played the keyboard, Nilesh Mistry was on the drums and Claire Fallis was lead vocalist. 

During the second half of the evening, General Manager Hugh Sorrill performed a set of Cole Porter melodies. 

Overall, Coventry Male Voice Choir helped us raise £400 for CRCB.

We are very pleased with this result and would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all organisers and performers. We would also like to thank everyone who came to the Spring Concert, or helped out in some way.

It was a wonderful local event, showcasing Coventry's talent, and raising money for an important cause. We look forward to the next local fundraiser!