Barclays Bank make CRCB allotment & garden accessible

25 staff members from Barclays Bank transformed our allotment and garden

On Wednesday 15th May, as part of Barclays Bank's day of volunteering in the community, the team of 25 members of staff came to CRCB to set up a guide dog spending pen and to lay a wheel chair accessible path at our allotment.

The team of 25 staff members split into two groups; 7 volunteers stayed on the premises and 18 volunteers set off for the allotment. 

Members of the Allotment Club, Jenny Wyn Roberts, Eileen Roberts and Mark Galvin arrived early to prepare the ground and decorate the shed ready for the arrival of their helpers.

A welcome Barclay's sign with tea and coffee underneath it

The Barclays team worked extremely hard to lay the wheelchair accessible path with added kick boards for cane users.

laying slabs

path almost finished

The Allotment Club made sure the Barclays team stopped for a break to chat and enjoy their beautiful, revitalizing surroundings. 

Members of the Allotment Club were on hand to try out Barclays' hard work.

Meanwhile, at CRCB the rest of the team were busy building a guide dog spending pen at the back of the Mary Beale room for our service users' guide dogs.

They also added a coat of paint to the hand rails around the garden, which they painted for us last year.


We couldn't have asked for a more high spirited, dedicated team. Thank you Barclays for all of you help - your work will make a huge difference to Coventry Resource Centre for the Blind.

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